Metal golf bag tags, tee markers, pitchforks, ball markers & logo pins

Golf Bag Tags

We exclusively work with high quality metalic materials, particularly with zinc and aluminum, which add that special touch that makes it a must-have.

Every request is personalized according to what you need, because your satisfaction is our greatest priority. Do you have any inqueries?

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Metal bag tags for your golf bag

Our premium metal bag tags are designed and adapted to the special needs that you may have. We provide an individual solution for every customer according to its various purposes and target audiences, as well as a wide range of special surface treatments and engravings for the bag tags.

Some of the surface treatments that we can apply to the bag tags are logo-printed, for an event for example or a photo-etching treatment. If you prefer something plainer it is also possible to use a simple engraving. Various enamel color-filled bag tags are available for an eye-catching solution.

You have a few bag tags that you would like to engrave? We do offer the chance to engrave a little number of bag tags short notice.


Udo Strehl
President, Golfclub Schloss Monrepos, Germany

“We received the products just in time for our club championship 2015, BRILLIANT! I am very happy with the products. Thank you very much! You have done a fabulous work and your design ideas are fantastic! Both the production and delivery of the products since our inquiry were superb. I would gladly recommend clubtags’ services.” More details

David Shepherd
Golf Director, Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, Portugal

“Since being introduced to clubtags in 2013 by a colleague in the industry, Monte Rei have been using clubtags services for a number of products. From the moment we began to do business I have found Martin to be honest and efficient and he has provided Monte Rei a superb service that we had not previously experienced as a client of metalwork.” More details

Kristoff Both
Golf Director, Club de Golf Alcanada, Mallorca

“We have been working with clubtags the last two years and we’re fully satisfied with the services that we have received. Aluminum bag tags for our customers, tee markers and pitchforks are the good quality metallic articles that clubtags has supplied to us, always on time. It feels good to be able to work with such a creative and professional team!” More details

Hendrik Dockhorn
Golf Manager, Golf-Resort Bitburger Land, Germany

"We didn’t just get our bag tags very quick and without any issues, but also ordered on short notice some Belt Clips for our Clubmeister championship that were also delivered very fast.
As our members were delighted with the production and the quality of the products, this is doubtless just the beginning of our partnership with clubtags. We recommend wholehearted Martin Fels and his team, because they do indeed a fantastic job!” More details

Premium metal tee markers
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Metal tee markers from clubtags

We offer sophisticated hardware solutions for golf courses.

You have an initital idea for new tee markers but you need a partner for the final design and production? You need a new logo or a corporate design? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team based in Hamburg would love to present some design drafts to you and push your project into the right direction. We produce customized products, advise you on the choice of material and the production process.

Our go is to combine your logo with our design ideas.

Metal pitchforks, ball marker, Logo Pins (lapel pins)

We offer a wide range of materials and surface finishings for your club give-aways. We would love to send youo a personalized design proposal. Impossible is nothing.

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Major loyalty effect with small premium give-aways from clubtags.

Metal pitchforks

Pitchforks are a must-have for golfers. As a golf club you don't need to give boring plastic stuff to your players. We offer customized metal pitchforks which will last longer.

We are Corporate Partner of PITCHFIX®.

Different models and products, which model fits your brand? Is your brand sporty or serious? Hi-tech or no-tech? Depending on your positioning, one of Pitchfix’s different models can help to say the right thing. When you give a Pitchfix to your client, you’re not giving just another golf tool. You’re packaging your brand. You’re presenting something that they will carry with them as they relax and unwind.

Choose a color and a layout for your logo. Read more to see which suits your brand best.

Lapel pins with logo

We produce every shape and size. There are hardly any restrictions in production. We make your company's logo look their best.

Metal ball marker

Round ball markers are part of our products. They are equipped with a magnet at the back that can be stuck to pitchforks.

Golfschläger-Tags mit Club-Logo

Golfschläger-Tags mit Ihrem Club-Logo

Mit unseren dekorativen Schläger-Tags können die Golfer ihren Lieblingsschläger mit dem Club-Logo versehen.

Diese tags werden in das Loch am Griffende des Schlägers gedrückt und sitzen dort fest. Wir fertigen die tags aus Aluminium und bringen Ihr Logo mit einem Doming ein. Diese Schläger-Tags sind ein beliebtes Geschenk, lassen sich aber auch im Pro-Shop gut einzeln verkaufen. Wir bieten individuelle und professionelle Verkaufsdisplays an.

Sprechen Sie uns gerne an wenn Sie ein individuelles Angebot wünschen. Gerne senden wir Ihnen auch ein Produkmuster zu.

The company

Since 2012 clubtags is offering individual solutions to Europe´s golf resorts and clubs.

The company serves its clients with a growing, enthusiastic and professional team. clubtags is a one-stop-shop for sport clubs and companies needing unique customized metal accessories. Furthermore, clubtags leads in various aspects: strong product design capabilities, global manufacturing and local product customization.


we are looking forward to your inquiry.


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19246 Valluhn / Germany

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Owner: Mr. Martin Fels
Rote Str. 32
19246 Valluhn / Germany

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